Female Empowerment Band ‘Femmology’ Brings the Heat with Debut Performance at Keep Memory Alive Event Center

Female Empowerment Band 'Femmology' Brings the Heat with Debut Performance at Keep Memory Alive Event Center
Female empowerment band Femmology will rock the stage with its debut theatrical music performance on Saturday, Oct. 19 at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center for a unique experience unlike any other (Photo credit: Keith Terrell)

DJ Sophia Lin, Ariel Bellvalaire, Dani Ivory, Brittany Brooks, Katrina Stuart, Brook Brewer, Nicole Row, Yolanda Harris, Samantha Schultz, Shannon Pearson, Arean Alston, Danielle McGinley and De Veon Crystal make up the all-girl group of phenomenal musicians and vocalists. Each member has her own special sound that together make Femmology.

These edgy, sexy and smart ladies have worked with powerhouse celebrities including Beyonce, Patti LaBelle, Katy Perry, Eminem, Sublime, John Legend, Seal, Demi Lovato and CeeLo Green and have performed on hit shows such as David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Influenced from a variety of musical genres from R&B to pop and rock, Femmology’s signature sound and performance transcends beyond simply a concert into an over-the-top theatrical experience with aerial acrobatics, ballerinas, hip-hop dancers, drag queens and more.

“These ladies are all superstars in their own right with successful solo careers that have taken them all over the world, but Vegas is the place to be for us right now,” said Stacey O. Johnigarn, Femmology executive producer and director. “The power of femininity should be celebrated by all, and we do it with a glamourous and sophisticated style!”

Femmology’s meaning comes from the Latin root “femme,” meaning woman or girl, and “ology,” meaning the art of mastering. Together, the definition of Femmology is mastering the art of being feminine.

Tickets start at $75 and can be purchased at femmology.com/events.

Be social: follow Femmology on Facebook at facebook.com/femmology and Twitter @femmologyband or visit femmology.com for more information.