Amerindian Musician Alexandro Querevalú to Perform at The Space in Las Vegas Oct. 6

Amerindian Musician Alexandro Querevalú to Perform at The Space in Las Vegas Oct. 6 & 14
Alexandro Querevalú
will perform live concerts on October 6  at The Space, Las Vegas’ newest community driven charity based arts complex. Known for his electrifying performance, Querevalú is on an American tour to meet his fans. 

Amerindian music is played with different native costumes.  Amerindian is a collective noun which includes Apache, Lakota, Quechua, Aymara, Mapuche, Bora, Aztec, Maya, Guarani, and more – “We are all brothers,” explains Querevalú.

Born in Lima, Peru, Alexandro had a big dream, helping his family financially; this has been mentioned as one of the reasons why he emigrated to Poland at the age of 18 years, the country where he still lives and performance regularly.

Alexandro can play a wide range of wind instruments including Quenacho, Basto Zampona Quena, Antara, and Malta Zampona just to name a few.

One of the popular videos by Alexandro is “The Last of the Mohicans” (below). The song was composed by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, it is a theme song of the featured film in 90’s. His interpretation of the music has been described as emotional, a master piece that moves both the performer and the audience. Many fans who have watched him play the song in his live performances say they have been moved to a point of shedding tears. His fans describe him as an artist who has a unifying effect where people from different cultures, races and nations enjoy live performances and tunes.

The Last of the Mohicans by Alexandro Querevalú

Alexandro has been described in several quarters as a brilliant performer, the best of his kind, a popular artist who has gained following in different parts of the world. His unique style and a combination of the indigenous instruments from both North and South America endear him to a large following. The eloquence and versatility have also been mentioned as other characteristics that have made him shot to fame.

Alexandro has performed in other places such as International Festival in Kuwait & China where he performed in several cities including Beijing and Shanghai. There he had a very successful tour which increased his fame. He later returned in 2017 for his second tour where he performed in top ten theaters in China. He has other performances to his name, with each of these shows recording great success both in fun support and electrifying performances.