New INPUTT Portable Training Device Helps Golfers Easily Identify and Correct Problems with Stance and Stroke

New INPUTT Portable Training Device Helps Golfers Easily Identify and Correct Problems with Stance and Stroke
Golfers of all levels
can now identify their most common putting mistakes by training their aim with INPUTT, the new portable putting device that reveals how to easily correct those mistakes and find the proper putting path. 

Officially launching at the 2017 PGA Fashion and Demo Experience in Las Vegas from Aug. 14-16, INPUTT aims to improve golfers’ putting by removing as many variables as possible, allowing them to focus entirely on their stance and stroke.

INPUTT has a patent-pending curvature that keeps the putter head square while maintaining the position of the arms, shoulders, and torso through the entire arc of a proper stroke, allowing golfers to develop a consistent movement pattern and easily see what they’re doing wrong with their stance, swing, and clubface, pinpointing any issues to put the ball in the same place every time.

“Players can see their putting issues in real-time, and correct them on the spot,” said INPUTT inventor Barry Herbst. “As they practice with INPUTT, they can continually identify and correct mistakes, and teach themselves an easily-repeatable perfect putting stroke.”

The white guidelines on the top of INPUTT help to ensure that the clubface stays square from backstroke to through-stroke, and every point in between, and the small heel reminds players not to take their backstroke too far.

INPUTT is the answer,” said Ted Sheftic, PGA Professional and Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher. “From beginners to expert players, INPUTT can improve your putting. My students who have used INPUTT have had tremendous success. I’ve worked with junior players that have gone from 37–38 putts in a round to 29–30 putts. That adds up to a lot of low scores.”

After setting up the INPUTT on a practice green, users are encouraged to make five–10 putts in a row before increasing the putt length. Once putts are consistently made using INPUTT, the lessons should be applied by putting on the same surface without the training device. Golfers should see dramatic improvement by using INPUTT as little as 10–15 minutes a day, three to five times per week.

Handcrafted in the USA, and designed for left-handed or right-handed golfers, INPUTT is available for purchase for $89.95 inclusive beginning Aug. 14. For more information, including tips on how to use INPUTT, testimonials, or to order the training device, please visit and subscribe to the YouTube channel. For the latest INPUTT news, follow on Facebook and Twitter.