Chicago Brewing Company Appoints New Head Brewer and Introduces Brewery’s First-Ever Imperial Stout

The award-winning Chicago Brewing Company has recently appointed David Pascual to head brewer. In his position, Pascual is responsible for all aspects of the brewing process, the creation of specialty beers, working with the chef to design beer-infused menu items and overseeing the brewing staff.

Pascual joined Chicago Brewing Company in 2005 as assistant brewer and worked for nearly two years as an apprentice to the former head brewer, Kyle Cormier. Pascual was attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry when he enrolled in a beer class and soon discovered an interest in brewing. The professor, also a head brewer, was impressed by Pascual’s talent and invited him to intern at Barley’s.

“With his strong background of brewing experience and knowledge of the brewery and industry, I can think of nobody better than David to take on this role,” said Cormier, now general manager of Chicago Brewing Company. “Since David’s promotion, in fact, we’ve already brought home a medal from the Great American Beer Festival—one of only three awarded to a Nevada brewery this year.”

Pascual’s first specialty beer creation is Chicago Brewing Company’s first-ever imperial stout, a dark beer originally created by 19th century British brewers to export to the royal court of Catherine II of Russia. Chicago Brewing Company’s imperial stout draws from its history with a strong malt presence, roasted chocolate and caramel flavors and a high alcohol volume, a fundamental characteristic of the original imperial stout to preserve the beer on its journey from Great Britain to Russia.

The new imperial stout joins Chicago Brewing Company’s signature line-up of handcrafted microbrews including the award-winning All Nighter and the popular Weizenheimer Wheat. Guests enjoy their choice of beer in authentic glassware chosen by the brewery’s staff to accentuate each beer’s unique profile. For microbrew beginners, Chicago Brewing Company offers a sampler to taste a choice of five beers or all nine beers, specialty and seasonal, served in four-ounce glasses. Guests can purchase their favorite beer to go in the 64-ounce “Growler,” a take-home jug that can be refilled on future visits to Chicago Brewing Company.

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