Faith Lutheran to Host Fall Open House; Largest Non-Public School in Nevada Opens Campus for Tours and Meet & Greet

Faith Lutheran to Host Fall Open House Largest Non-Public School in Nevada Opens Campus for Tours and Meet & Greet
Prepare your child to grow spiritually, academically and socially by becoming a Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School Crusader. Learn more about this educational opportunity at Fall Admissions Open House on Oct. 24, from 6 ­ 7:30 p.m., at the school’s campus at 2015 South Hualapai. 

Parents and prospective students will have the opportunity to meet the teachers, coaches and administrative staff, and tour the Faith Lutheran’s state-of-the-art Crusader Competition Center, Mock Trial Courtroom and exquisite Chapel and Performing Arts Center. Prospective students can learn more about school clubs, including Key Club and Computer Club.

“Our Fall Admissions Open House is a great way for parents to learn more about our amazing programs and how their kid can apply to become a Crusader,” said Joel Arnold, admissions director for Faith Lutheran. “97 percent of our high school’s class of 2016 are attending college. Together, the class of 2016 was accepted into 255 different colleges and universities.”

Besides traditional college preparatory curriculum, Faith Lutheran offers students the opportunity for advance studies and real life experiences through five specialized academies; STEM, Justice & Advocacy, Business & Entrepreneurship, Film & Broadcast, and the Conservatory of Fine Arts.

“Our academies offer advance training to students in their area of interest,” said Dr. Steve Buuck, CEO of Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School. “When a student graduates from our Justice & Advocacy academy it’s like getting a Pre-Law endorsement on their transcript.”

Faith Lutheran also offers award winning athletics, and is the 6-time winner of the NIAA Award of Excellence, an award that exemplifies excellence in learning, service, balance, passion, sportsmanship and resourcefulness in student athletics.

For more information or to RSVP to Faith Lutheran’s Fall Open House, contact Faith Lutheran Admission Director Joel Arnold at 702-804-4413, or Visit