Playing Real Money Games While Visiting Vegas

Playing Real Money Games While Visiting Vegas
Many players may spend much of their time playing for fun – namely no money involved – when it comes to their favorite games, fact is though that when in Vegas money really talks! (Photo credit: LAVO Casino Club)

Millions of visitors every year visit the world capital of fun and leisurely gaming, be it on the pit floors, arcades or gaming stations – and the variety of options available to play is often bewildering! Casinos go to great efforts to be as welcoming as imaginable to all of their visitors from around the globe, knowing full well that their guests are looking to spend! Here’s a few pointers for playing real money games while visiting Vegas.

Check Out The Practice Tables/Options

Even in Vegas every casino will have a number of practice play options for all of their online casino games, it’s simply an industry standard nowadays that encourages the player to start with confidence and a ‘step ahead’. Obviously – whether it’s slots, table games, video poker – having an idea of what to expect, and especially the rules is of tantamount importance. Especially in the case of slots where there are tens of thousands of different games available, it’s sensible never to dive straight in looking for a luck buck. Stay smart, be patient, and your odds will substantially improve.

Don’t Discount The Value Of Instinct

Casinos in Vegas usually follow a kind of design style that gives them a unique theme. Some people will be more attracted to some than others by the design alone, others may ‘feel’ better or worse because of service style and even their fellow clientele. Likely these senses and impressions will be quite fair – again because casinos attract and target different styles of player; for example an experienced high stakes player will feel more comfortable in quieter venues that help them manage their gaming strategy. On the other hand, many others – often first time visitors – will be looking for the ‘Vegas Experience’, of fast, brash and very fun play.

A Note On Table Games

The Vegas casinos may have versions of table games – especially roulette and blackjack – that are pretty rare and occasionally even unique to a specific venue. The odds on these will vary considerably from vanilla units too. Just like the casino itself, take the time to watch a table for a short while and consider that atmosphere – some players may stay hours, many only a few minutes before moving move. It’s always good form to leave a small tip to the dealer should you have a good win.

Plan A Strategy Ahead And Use It!

The absolute golden rule when playing for money in Vegas is to plan – indeed literally ration – your bankroll across the session. Partition your bankroll into pots – say for a slots session, ten plays for ten machines with a 5 play no-reward ‘move on’. So many players will just feed machines that aren’t feeling in the mood to pay out that day, and saving funds to try on other units allows for the far higher chance of hitting a hot one. Visitors should plan their bankroll over the duration of their visit. For some people this may only be a single session which is simple enough, for those staying a week this requires much more disciple.

Go Home With Something!

It’s never nice going home empty handed, so quite simply every time you win a pay out – put it aside into a ‘victory’ purse and lock it tight! Those funds shouldn’t be reinvested to fuel further playing, as it will disturb the strategy and equilibrium of the scheduled play, likely causing distress when it is lost. Nobody need leave Vegas without at least some of their bankroll saved, and again this comes down to planning ahead and being sensible. Of course the casinos know this – so be on your guard!