Burlesque Star Immortalized: LouLou D’vil Sculpture Created By Carl Young

Burlesque Star Immortalized: LouLou D'vil Sculpture Created By Carl Young
Carl Young
creates figurative sculptures of the world’s most beautiful people and LouLou D’vil is the No.1 Burlesque Figure in the World

So when fame and creativity meet, what happens next?

According to Thomas Hoving, (Director for the Metropolitan Museum of Art) “Celebrities have been a part of art since the pharaohs were first celebrated in ancient Egypt.”

Carl Young asks, “What’s a celebrity sculpture worth? What would it be worth if Andy Warhol had known how to reproduce Marilyn in glass? Well it looks like we may find out because “That’s what we are doing with Lou Lou D’Vil.”

Years ago Carl mastered the techniques for reproducing life sized reproductions. Now he is building his portfolio of celebrity sculptures and some will be in glass. They already include 10 Playboy covers, Khloe Terre, the face of Spearmint Rhino, Monica Monroe, Olga Loera, and the UK’s Chloe Kahn.

LouLou D’Vil commented “When we first talked about doing this, I thought well I’d love to have a sculpture made and something to offer my fans to purchase. Now I realize this is beyond my dreams. Carl is making me into a collectable work of art. We’ve become good friends in the process and the finished sculpture could easily end up on a gallery wall.”

For more examples of Carl Young, visit: http://foreveryoungsculptures.com/

For more information about LouLou D’vil, visit: http://louloudvil.com/