Rick Lax Debuts Hour-Long Live Variety Show on Facebook

Rick Lax Debuts Hour-Long Live Variety Show on Facebook
Rick Lax
hosted a ‘Facebook Live’ Magic & Variety show and a record-breaking 2,500 viewers ‘Shared’ the groundbreaking broadcast with their Facebook friends. As Facebook and Twitter race for the rights to broadcast conventional TV shows, social network users are already being entertained by the hour-long live broadcast that took place at Lax’s apartment.

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/DeceptionExpert/videos/524306094417915/” width=”588″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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The hour featured special guests Ryan Stock and AmberLynn (who passed a condom through their nasal passages and balanced a running chainsaw on Ryan’s face), Elly Brown & Jaclyn McSpadden from The Sound Collage (a local, on-the-rise looping-driven a cappella group), Shocker (a professional wrestling magician who took over Lax’s broadcast after hitting Lax over the head with a trashcan), and Bizzaro the Optical Illusionist (who penetrated his left hand with a handkerchief and plucked mounds of salt from thin air).

The broadcast racked up 20,000 viewer comments. Lax says that he was only able to read through a fraction of them. Some were kind, some were funny and some were heartbreaking:

  • “This is awesome. If Jerry Lewis had run his telethons like this, MD would have been cured immediately”
  • “SAY MY NAME!!! I’m stuck in the hospital without my appendix currently and it would be awesome if you said my name!!! Would make this whole hospital thing worth it!!!”
  • “We’re watching you guys from backstage at the Magic Castle!”

Lax, who’s now racked up 380,000,000 video views on his channel says he has no plans of slowing down with the Facebook Live videos.

We’re eager to watch what he does next!

image-x2You can read more about Rick Lax here: RickLax.com

And see more of his amazing magic here: Facebook.com/DeceptionExpert

Rick Lax lives a block off the strip. He creates illusions for Penguin Magic (the biggest magic shop in the world) and for many entertainers. He also the author of the book Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners, and How Not to Get Screwed in Vegas.