World Record Runner Helene Neville to Attempt New Record in Las Vegas Jan. 29

World Record Runner Helene Neville to Attempt New Record in Las Vegas Jan. 29
On Jan. 29, World Record Runner and Las Vegas resident Helene Neville will attempt to set yet another world record by running the perimeter of the Las Vegas Strip until she completes 135 miles. 

Neville only a few months ago completed her record-setting run around the perimeter of the continental United States. This Strip run will represent one mile for each day she was on the road running from Maine to Washington State last summer on the final leg of her record setting transcontinental run.

In addition, Neville will be thanking the citizens of Las Vegas for all of their support throughout her cross country runs as well as their dedicated support during her multiple bouts of cancer treatment including a recent surgery just a couple of weeks ago by attempting to set another record.

On Jan. 29, Neville will run nonstop laps between the South Strip “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and the downtown “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, beginning at 7 a.m. and culminating 48 hours later on Jan. 31. This will be her first ever attempt to run more than 100 miles at a time, and will require super-human strength and endurance to complete.

All of Las Vegas is invited to cheer her on along the famous Las Vegas Strip as she completes yet another record-setting event.

“What motivates me to run is my love for Las Vegas and love for a community where everyone is a winner,” said Neville. “People in Las Vegas told me if I had the courage to run the perimeter that they would support me to the finish line and they did. I want to dedicate this record-setting event to the people of Las Vegas and invite everyone to the Healthy Nurse Conference March 3-4 and half marathon, 5K and Zumba for health on March 5, 2016.”