Mike Tyson has his Game Face on Bitcoin

Following the launch of his signature Bitcoin ATM on Las Vegas Strip last summer, the world renowned boxing legend is now announced to come up with his own branded BTC mobile app. 

Still sounds too fantastic to be true? Well, Mr. Tyson seems to be really determined about the cryptocurrency business.

As informed by the German website Bitcasino.de, just about a week ago, Mike Tyson Bitcoin, the boxer’s own cryptocurrency company, officially presented the eponymous app available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Apart from fulfilling the traditional Bitcoin wallet function, the application also allows the user to buy and sell BTCs (to do that, the user needs to have an account at Gildera, a Bitcoin exchange platform), and is compatible with Bitcoin ATMs globally. Just as in case with Tyson’s Bitcoin telling machine, the launch of the app was backed by Bitcoin Direct, LLC, a Connexus Corp. subsidiary (and that has been one and only cooperation of that kind in the industry of digital currencies so far).

As mentioned by Peter Klamka, the chief manager of Bitcoin Direct, in the app’s promotional materials, “the [wallet] offers beginners a simple and secure way to get started with bitcoin”. The application offers a comprehensive set of options and functionalities, with the handling fees imposed on user-performed transactions being near-zero. As soon as you install the app on your phone, you are able to instantly create your personal customizable (give it any name you want) Bitcoin wallet in it.

Many see Tyson’s branded wallet app as one of the attempts to fuel hype for the cryptocurrency boasting a truly gigantic revolutionary potential. For some reason, bitcoins are still underestimated and even feared by people, and any port is good enough in the storm.

Tech gurus who have already been able to explore the app, conclude it’s essentially a replica of an analogous application created and distributed by Copay. With its help, users can buy lots of items and services online using BTC, including gadgets and comestibles.

Source: http://bitcasino.de/bitcoin-casino-news/mike-tyson-wird-ein-name-der-bitcoin-branche/