Hakkasan Celebrates Chinese New Year with Annual Wishing Tradition and New Limited Edition Menu

Hakkasan Celebrates Chinese New Year with Annual Wishing Tradition and New Limited Edition Menu
This Chinese New Year, Hakkasan will celebrate the Year of the Monkey with a limited edition menu created by International Executive Chef Ho Chee Boon alongside an exclusive cocktail and dessert. 

Hakkasan restaurants around the world will continue to honour the Chinese wishing tree tradition inspired by the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong. During this auspicious time, guests will be invited to share their hopes for the coming year by writing their wishes on gold ribbons and hanging them in the restaurant. The wish collection and special menu will be available to guests from 22nd January through 22nd February.

Hakkasan Chinese New Year 2016

The Chinese New Year menu showcases dishes that will bring joy, luck and prosperity in 2016. It begins with a Double boiled fresh Ginseng and chicken soup followed by Diced Wagyu beef and pine nut golden cup and a Dim sum platter. Main dishes include Wok-fry lobster in spicy truffle sauce, Pipa duck, Grilled Chilean seabass in honey and a Hericium mushroom stir-fry with lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper and Dried scallop and crab meat fried rice.

To complete the festive meal, guests will enjoy a dessert and cocktail inspired by the Year of the Monkey. The Golden Halo dessert is a banana and peanut cake and a five spice infused cream, caramel, chocolate and peanut topped with gold leaf, while the 9 Hóu cocktail comprises nine components representing the monkey’s ninth position on the zodiac, including Bacardi Maestro de ron, sherry, banana liqueur and guava, and is decorated with a golden monkey cocktail stirrer.

During the festive period it is customary for friends and family to gift red envelopes containing money symbolising luck and wealth. This year Hakkasan is giving all guests who dine from the Chinese New Year menu a specially designed Year of the Monkey coin as a gift of good fortune.

Hakkasan will provide entertainment believed to bring good luck and fortune in the form of the Chinese lion dance. Performed on Thursday 4th February as part of the restaurant’s Chinese New Year celebration, lion troupes will make their way through the intimate latticed woodwork cages, offering symbolic expressions of luck, fortune, wisdom and joy.

The Chinese New Year menu is available at $138.88 per person for parties of two or more.

For more information on Chinese New Year at Hakkasan, visit hakkasan.com/chinese-new-year or find us on Facebook and Instagram or search for #HakkasanCNY2016.