The Most Watched Magician of the Year Was… Some Guy Named Rick Lax

The Most Watched Magician of the Year was... some guy named Rick Lax
Behind-the-scenes magic creator Rick Lax has worked on illusions for living legend David Copperfield and for Penguin Magic, the largest magic shop in the world. But six months ago, Lax stepped in front of the spotlight, began performing his own creations…and took the world of magic by storm. 

He’s already racked up 200,000,000 Facebook video views and 600,000 Facebook page likes. That makes him the #1 most-liked American magician.

He’s headlined at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and fooled Penn & Teller.

“Not bad for a guy who hasn’t done a paying gig since high school,” Lax says.

And Lax is just getting started. Everybody wants to know what’s next:

“Lots of people are writing me and asking where they can see me perform. And I tell them, ‘Nowhere.’ I don’t have a live show and don’t have plans to put one on. But this year, I would love to do more TV. Currently exploring my options. And, yes, I plan to keep creating close-up illusions for other magicians, but it’s hard to get non-magicians excited about that. It’s exciting to me, though!”

Rick Lax Fools Penn & Teller

Lax does have TV experience (aside from his breakthrough Fool Us appearance), but again, the bulk of it is behind-the-scenes. Lax created “Wizard Wars,” a magic completion show on Syfy. He worked on the show as a producer and magic consultant, never appearing on camera. But through his laptop’s webcam, he’s reached more people than all the American TV magicians.

“I do get recognized every couple days,” Lax says, “but only at Starbucks. I’m still at the point where, if somebody recognizes me, I’m more excited about being recognized than my fans are about recognizing me,” Lax jokes.

But Lax isn’t the only magician scoring record video views. Lax’s friend and Planet Hollywood headliner Murray SawChuck has racked up close to 100,000,000 views.

“Murray is great,” said Lax. “It was great working with him on Wizard Wars, and he invited me to his live show and I was thoroughly entertained!”

image-x2You can read more about Rick here:

And see more of his amazing magic here:

Rick Lax lives a block off the strip. He creates illusions for Penguin Magic (the biggest magic shop in the world) and for many entertainers. He also the author of the book Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners, and How Not to Get Screwed in Vegas.