Las Vegas self-published author Angelique St. Chase, Jr. breaks into Top 500 out of 1,000,000 book titles on in less than 2 weeks of publication with “1,001 Las Vegas Nights”

Las Vegas self-published author Angelique St. Chase, Jr. breaks into Top 500 out of 1,000,000 book titles on in less than 2 weeks of publication with "1,001 Las Vegas Nights"
On Saturday, November 14, 2015, the brand new gourmet romance novel, 1,001 Las Vegas Nights (Kindle version), by self-published Las Vegas author Angelique St. Chase, Jr., reached the rank of #377 in the Erotic Romance Category on out of approximately 1,000,000 titles available and has stayed in the top 500 steadily since then. 

Breaking the self-publishing and category barrier; 1,001 Las Vegas Nights was written for the dedicated romance reader as well as crafted to include those not typically drawn to the genre. As such, Angelique St. Chase, Jr. combined the classic modern day relationship elements of love, lies, and the internet; added in twists and turns and a surprise ending from mystery; along with a dash of symbolism from fantasy; and set them in the most luxurious and entertaining setting in the world: Las Vegas.

1,001 Las Vegas Nights by Las Vegas author Angelique St. Chase, Jr.
1,001 Las Vegas Nights by Las Vegas author Angelique St. Chase, Jr.

Termed by some as the “un-grey”, 1,001 Las Vegas Nights, while containing multiple detailed unconventional erotic scenes, showcases a strong independent heroine, Pandora, and a behind the scenes look at the reality of living a life sought after by others. The book’s dual timeline narrative chronicles a psychological love triangle that is not impeded by time. Delving into a catfished Pandora’s past via stored emails, the reader is also part of her mirroring present and culminates in a surprise conclusion that not even the author saw coming until she wrote it.


Food and sex have long been closely related and many times interchanged in the sensuality and passion of life. High-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation; all of which appeal to the discerning as well as the more encompassing palate, typically have been the standard by which gourmet food would be measured. In creating a new romance sub-genre with 1,001 Las Vegas Nights, Angelique St. Chase, Jr. (a long time foodie) implemented all the gourmet values in her writing as well as intertwining the corporal sensuality of food while giving it an important role in the storyline throughout.


Because Angelique St. Chase, Jr. was named after the title character of the romance series Angelique, written by Anne & Serge Golon. Keeping with the tradition of homage to the original name bearer, by utilizing it with a woman’s name it personifies equality in all things and the ability to forge one’s path. It is the ultimate joining of the traditional concepts with the modern day possibilities.


Lovestruck TWICE Online. Who will Keep her heart?

Secrets Exposed … Friendships Tested … Past & Present Collide … as Virtual & Physical Merge

When casino executive Pandora uploads her profile, she wants a diversion from Ken. Despite garnering financial and social success and amassing 14 marriage proposals, the twice-divorced Pandora still aches for the man who catfished her years prior. Her diversion comes in the form of Scott, a psychiatry professor with a cowboy carved physique who dives into her erotic psyche while wrestling with his own freshly awakened demons.

Analyzing emails between her and Ken, Scott finds Pandora’s enigmatic allure challenging his bachelor resolve. Using mind and body, he obsesses to eliminate her emotional cobwebs for both their sake. Will it be enough before time runs out?

Erotic, witty, and insightfully addictive, the 1,001 Las Vegas Trilogy, written for men and women, keeps you guessing on the ever-changing odds of finding and keeping love online and in Las Vegas.

About the Author

Living a life many fictional characters would be jealous of, Angelique St. Chase, Jr. was named after the romance series Angelique before she was even born. Residing in Las Vegas and entertaining her friends for years in the detailed descriptions of her life events, she finally decided to give in to her destiny. Knowing first-hand about the alluring, if sometimes heartbreaking life, that Las Vegas and online romance has to offer, she takes delight in being the book’s cover model, going to celebrity chef restaurants, and speaking 7 languages (makes for a cute party trick).

1,001 Las Vegas Nights is an 87,000 words novel.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Versions: Kindle ($5.99) & Paperback ($12.99). Free with KindleUnlimited subscription.

Paperback Print Length: 294 pages

Publication Date: November 2, 2015

Language: English

Series: 1,001 Las Vegas (Volume 1)


Paperback ISBN-10: 1517686806

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1517686802

Kindle File Size: 861 KB

Paperback Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches

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