Las Vegas Casino Houses Benefit from Bitcoin

Over a year and a half have passed since the moment Bitcoin payments were introduced in two major Las Vegas casinos.

In this interval of time, all thanks to the transactions in the cryptocurrency, the houses grew incredibly popular among the public, and, more importantly, boosted their overall financial indicators greatly, as reported by

The casinos in question are the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. Both started accepting Bitcoins from their clients in January 2014. The idea came from Derek Stevens, the central executive officer of the two houses. While Stevens may conceal the actual performance data of the project, he willingly shares the details on the internal competition of his casinos, with D Las Vegas Casino Hotel offering payments in Bitcoins at 5 locations, including three restaurants, the gift shop, and the front desk, taking the lead in the total number of Bitcoin transactions, while Golden Gate Hotel & Casino clients have the possibility to make payments in BTC at the reception desk only.

Accounting on the ongoing ‘Bitcoin period’ of the two casinos, Stevens pointed out both of them being situated in the “tech sector of downtown Las Vegas” as one of the primary driving forces behind their popularity, saying that “it seemed like the right fit”, with “the company [having] definitely seen more business as a result”. By the way, for some reason (however, unexplained by Mr. Stevens) the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel discontinued using a Robocoin Bitcoin ATM and went for a Genmega G6000 machine instead.

And there is more: the two houses are also responsible for reaching a record number of Bitcoin payments at American Coney Island, the local food spot offering traditional American cuisine to visitors, with the renowned Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse and the D Grill eating houses gladly accepting BTC. Stevens believes that, among factors making Bitcoin purchases that steadily popular on-site, the comparatively cheap prices of American Coney Island may be the one most significant, while there are of course several others, including the present BTC price, the efforts and proactivity of the local Bitcoin community, and all kinds of technological-themed events that the city is a frequent host to.