Led Zeppelin 2 to perform at Mandalay Beach along with The Australian Pink Floyd Sept. 4

Led Zeppelin 2 to perform at Mandalay Beach along with The Australian Pink Floyd Sept. 4
Led Zeppelin 2
Bruce Lamont (vocals), Ian Lee (drums), Paul Kamp (guitars), Matthew Longbons (bass)–recreate the sights, sounds, and pure rock & roll euphoria of a prime Led Zeppelin concert (Photo credit: Barry Brecheisen).

Resplendent in satin and denim, LZ2 delivers the intense, raw energy and dynamics of songs such as “Whole Lotta Love,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “Kashmir,” “Dazed and Confused,” and many more from the entire catalog of Zeppelin studio, live and bootleg recordings.

Led Zeppelin 2 performs “Stairway To Heaven”

The band is comprised of musician/songwriters from the best of Chicago’s indie/alternative/metal music scenes. From cutting their individual teeth in the top rock clubs of Chicago, often sharing stages with major international acts, LZ2 promptly gained national attention in 2010 and has sold out major rock music venues across the USA.

In concert, Led Zeppelin 2 delivers authentic renditions of classic Zeppelin material, as well as recreating the live improvisation & onstage dynamics that earned Led Zeppelin their legendary status for performing. Led Zeppelin 2 brings forward the Led Zeppelin experience to a new generation while satisfying diehard Zep fans with a raw, fresh approach.

LZ2 has garnered rave reviews for their “spot-on” Zeppelin shows. Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times hailed, “As good a Zep as Zep ever did back in the day.” Time Out New York called them “the best Zep band going anywhere.” Time Out Chicago agreed: “There are a lot of Zep tributes out there, but this one’s our favorite, not least because its members fully immerse themselves in the musicianship and style of the four classic-rock heavyweights. That Yakuza howler Bruce Lamont does a mean Robert Plant is icing on the cake.” The Onion commended, “These imitators get the Led out in a way your battered copy of Physical Graffiti never will, right down to the unearthly tones of guitarist Paul Kamp’s bowed Les Paul solos.” While The New Yorker noted: “The band is on its way out of the minor leagues, and is now playing bigger venues for a generation of fans too young to have ever experienced the genuine article.” And the Dallas Observer concluded, “…the closest thing to seeing the real Led Zeppelin.”

Even Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is hooked. Stating simply, “these guys sound f*#king exactly like Led Zeppelin!” during their L.A. performance.

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