Wet’n’wild Las Vegas Hosts Summer Concert Featuring Rocker Nathan Sykes

Wet'n'wild Las Vegas Hosts Summer Concert Featuring Rocker Nathan Sykes
Rocker Nathan Sykes will be performing at the Red Rock Bay wave pool at Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas. Sykes will perform three songs and host a meet-and-greet prior to the performance. 

The exclusive backstage experience will be for winners chosen from social media and radio contests. The concert is presented in partnership with 93.1 The Party.

Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas is dedicated to creating family-friendly events that allow people of all ages to enjoy the park’s fun, laid-back atmosphere as Las Vegas’ Summer Playground.

WHEN:  7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7

WHERE:  Wet‘n’Wild Las Vegas
7055 S. Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas

Wet‘n’Wild Las Vegas is Nevada’s premier water park with more than 25 slides and attractions covering more than 20 acres, and a place for both thrill seekers and families.  As Las Vegas’ Summer Playground, the park features the Tornado, a premier slide that catapults riders to a zero gravity experience; Rattler, the first slide of its kind in North America; and Constrictor, an extreme water slide featuring some of the tightest turns. Families and those desiring a more relaxing experience can enjoy Paradise Falls, the interactive children’s area with kid friendly slides and a giant dumping bucket; Colorado Cooler lazy river; and Red Rock Bay wave pool. As the park opens for a third season, one of its most popular slides, Zipp Zapp Zoom, will feature a new and exciting addition, Slideboarding, the world’s first waterslide gaming experience. Slideboarding integrates gaming, skill, and competitive sports with the thrills of a water park. For information, visit www.wetnwildlasvegas.com.