Pizza Port Brewing Company Announces First Distribution Outside of Southern California

Pizza Port Brewing Company Announces First Distribution Outside of Southern California
For the first time, Pizza Port Brewing Company’s celebrated craft beer will be distributed outside of Southern California, as Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada introduces it to the Las Vegas and Reno markets. 

Soon to be available at bars, restaurants, special events and retailers, Pizza Port Brewing Company will roll-out its Nevada distribution with three styles of the cult-followed beer, including Chronic Ale, Swami’s India Pale Ale and Ponto Sessionable India Pale Ale.

“The craft beer scene in Nevada is growing and we want Pizza Port to be a part of it,” said Gina Marsaglia, president and CEO of Pizza Port Brewing Company. “Our brand is committed to delivering a fun and unique drinking experience, which fits Las Vegas perfectly and aligns with the mission of Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada.”

Ian Staller, Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada’s executive vice president and general manager, said, “With the significant volume of Southern Californians traveling to Las Vegas, Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada seeks to offer them a beer that they know and love. Additionally, partnering with Pizza Port provides an opportunity to introduce a world-class brewery to a global audience.”

The first three Pizza Port Brewing Company beers available in Nevada feature distinct flavor profiles and numerous pairing opportunities:

  • Chronic Ale: This mellow amber ale is clean and easy to drink. The malt-forward taste is supported by hints of caramel and earthy hops for balance, pairing well with casual cuisine such as pizza and barbeque.
  • Ponto S.I.P.A.: This sessionable brew delivers huge piney and citrusy flavors to satisfy both the most intense hop heads as well as the I.P.A. novice. This low ABV beer is recommended to accentuate the rich flavors of Mexican food.
  • Swami’s I.P.A.: In quintessential West Coast style, Pizza Port’s original India Pale Ale features a lightly malted, dry, crisp taste with hints of pine and citrus. It is ideal for pairing with spicy cuisines and seafood.

Beginning in 1987, Pizza Port Brewing Company originally gained notoriety for its sophisticated cuisine served in a fun and approachable pizza shop by the beach. After Co-Founder Vince Marsaglia took up the hobby of home brewing, Pizza Port Brewing Company developed into an award-winning craft beer phenomenon, racking up 85 Great American Beer Festival medals since 2000, with five brewpubs throughout Southern California.

Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada will begin distribution of the Chronic Ale, Swami’s I.P.A. and Ponto S.I.P.A. in mid-October and will increase diversity of styles and availability of Pizza Port Brewing Company in Las Vegas and Reno over the coming months.