Spooky Halloween Cocktails will Fright and Delight at Panevino

Spooky Halloween Cocktails will Fright and Delight at PanevinoThis fall, Panevino Bar & Lounge will give a thrill with five sinfully delicious Halloween-themed cocktails aptly named: The Demon is a Liar, Mark of the Beast, Unforgiven (Pictured) and Fallen Angel

Those who are dying to learn the name of the fifth cocktail will need to visit Panevino to solve the mystery. Available Oct. 1 through Nov. 1, these wicked cocktails are $12 each or half price during happy hour weekdays from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Bar & Lounge.

Assistant General Manager Mark Lopez is the mischievous mastermind behind this season’s chilling mixology menu. With more than 25-years of experience, Lopez pours his soul into creating every cocktail recipe, always using the highest quality spirits, homemade mixers and all-natural ingredients. Inspiration for this season’s menu draws upon Lopez’ love for Halloween and his fascinating interest in horror films.

The Demon is a Liar
This monstrous cocktail mixes Coldcock American herbal flavored whiskey with Ogden’s Own Underground handcrafted herbal spirit, Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe and Bittermens citrus bitters.

Lopez describes the taste as “herbal and smooth.” He anticipates the flavor of this cocktail will be something new for guests due to the unique pairing of the whiskey with the Underground herbal spirit, which makes for a beautiful combination. The inspiration for this cocktail was a line in The Exorcist, “He will lie to confuse you, but he will mix lies with the truth.”

Mark of the Beast
Devil’s Share bourbon, Paddy Devil’s Apple liqueur, Angry Orchard hard cider and Bar Keep organic apple bitters make up this fall favorite.

This refreshing cocktail has a bold apple flavor that embodies autumn’s signature harvest and notorious forbidden fruit. The inspiration comes from the original movie version of The Omen where Damian wore the mark of the beast on his scalp.

Unforgiven (Pictured at top)
There will be no excuse not to try this fiery libation, made with Stoli Jalapeno vodka, Rogue Chipotle Spirit, Ancho Reyes Ancho Chile Liqueur and homemade habanero simple syrup.

Lopez explains, even though this drink is comprised of four different peppers ­ jalapeno, chipotle, ancho and habanero ­ it’s not as scary as it may seem. “The sweetness of the simple syrup hits your tongue first with a spice that lingers for a taste that’s surprisingly smooth.” This cocktail was inspired by the flames of the inferno.

Fallen Angel
Angel’s Envy bourbon, Sweet Revenge wild strawberry liqueur, macerated strawberries and rhubarb bitters will have everyone head-over-heels for this cocktail.

The key ingredient for this drink is an irresistible combination of strawberries and rhubarb. “Sweet Revenge is a unique wild strawberry “sour mash” that will treat taste buds to a new experience,” explains Lopez.

When creating the menu, Lopez spent a lot of time researching liquors that featured devilish characteristics and developing recipes that blended well while sticking to his overall theme. His vision was to take it one step further and offer a meaningful cocktail menu that would offer his guests a completely new experience. Although it took several months to create the Halloween menu, Lopez explains, “The end result was exactly my vision.”

Panevino’s Halloween cocktails are now on the menu and can be enjoyed at the bar or restaurant. To make a reservation click here or call 702.222.2400.