MURRAY Gets Doused in Ice Water to Help Raise Awareness and Fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)

MURRAY Gets Doused in ICE Water for a Great Cause
Comedy Magician and Tropicana headliner Murray SawChuck has taken the “Ice Bucket Challenge” by getting doused with buckets of ice water from wife Chloe Louise Crawford and sidekick Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich to help raise awareness and fight ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease

VIDEO: Las Vegas Morning Blen co-anchor Shawn Tempesta gets doused and then challenges juggler Jeff Civillico


Once a celebrity gets a bucket of ice water dumped on them they can challenge other celebrities to donate $100 to ALS research and continue the chain of challenges.

VIDEO: Murray SawChuck takes the Ice Bucket Challenge


Murray, who was challenged by Jeff Civillico, challenged several others celebrities in Las Vegas including Carrot Top, Gordy Brown, Lenny Windsor, David Copperfield and Harry Basil.

It has been reported that the ALS Association raised over $1.35 Million dollars in the last two weeks. In they same period last year they raised a little over $20,000 so the challenges are definitely working.

For more information about the ALS Association or to donate directly, visit:

Murray SawChuckMurray SawChuck stars in MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ with wife Chloe Crawford and sleight-of-hand artist Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich at The Laugh Factory in Tropicana Las Vegas. Murray, an America’s Got Talent semifinalist and Pawn Stars magic expert, performs Sat.-Thu. at 4pm and 7pm. Click here for tickets! Visit Murray’s Website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.