Fresh Summer Cocktails Arrive at Panevino

Caprese MartiniPanevino Bar & Lounge has introduced six new summer cocktails to its menu, leading the way to a spirited season. Behold the Georgia Blackout, Cherry Pop, Applesnatch, Blow Your Berries, Orange-asm and Caprese Martini

Now available, cocktails are $12 or can be enjoyed half-priced during happy hour Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m.

The mastermind behind Panevino’s mixology program is Assistant General Manager Mark Lopez. With more than 25-years of the experience, Lopez infuses creativity with high-quality spirits and all-natural ingredients into each and every recipe, ensuring pure bliss is delivered in every sip.

Already a crowd pleaser is the garden-fresh Caprese Martini, which combines crushed Roma tomatoes, fresh basil and homemade tomato water (a process that muddles and strains fresh Roma tomatoes, sea salt and basil) with Crop certified organic tomato vodka. Garnished with an olive-oil and basil-sea salt rim, the Caprese Martini is the newest craze at the popular Italian restaurant. “I envisioned a cocktail that would embody a very traditional and fresh Italian dish, the caprese salad,” says Lopez. “Although this particular cocktail was months in the making, it was definitely worth the wait. Its savory profile is perfect for those who like a dirty martini or prefer something a little less sweet. ”

Cherry Pop
Cherry Pop

For those who do like it sweet, the Georgia Blackout is an invigorating mix of Giffard Crème de Peche de Vigne (a French peach liquor), homemade peach purée, house sauvignon blanc and Everclear. “It’s our standard to hand-make our purees and only use spirits from regions known for having high-quality products ­ like France, Italy and California,” says Lopez.

“The Cherry Pop cocktail is a refreshing take on a soda pop and exemplifies summer in an all-American way,” says Lopez. “We use rhubarb soda, which is naturally low in calories, and real maraschino black cherries.” Grey Goose Cherry Noir vodka, Massenez Crème de Griotte (sour cherry liquor), dry rhubarb soda and Luxardo black cherries, are combined and served on the rocks for a vibrant and surprisingly low-calorie summer cocktail.

Applesnatch summer cocktails
Applesnatch summer cocktails

Combining Ron Zacapa rum with Thatcher’s organic apple-ginger liqueur, Bar Keep organic bitters and Galvania organic lemon soda, the Applesnatch is served chilled, on the rocks and garnished with fresh apples.

Bulleit Rye whisky and muddled strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and mint give substance to this delicious cocktail, appropriately named Blow Your Berries. Carpano Antica Formula (a high-quality Italian vermouth), Bar Keep organic Swedish herb bitters and a splash of homemade simple syrup make this cocktail simply irresistible. “The vermouth used in this cocktail is a very vintage brand ­ introduced in 1786, it was actually the first vermouth to market and is one of the best Italian vermouths you can get,” says Lopez.

And for gin lovers, the Orange-asm is sure to please. TRU organic gin, Pavan orange blossom liqueur, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and fresh orange segments marinated in thyme give this cocktail its delightful sweet citrus taste.

Panevino’s summer cocktails are now on the menu and can be enjoyed at the bar or restaurant. To make a reservation click here or call 702.222.2400.