PHOTO/VIDEO: “Le Reve” Puts Vegas on the “Happy Map”

"Le Reve" Puts Vegas on the "Happy Map"
To commemorate its approaching ninth anniversary later this month, the cast and crew of “Le Rêve – The Dream” took the meaning of “Happy” to a new level. 

With famed singer/songwriter Pharrell’s Oscar-nominated song “Happy” sweeping the nation in a viral craze, more than 50 dancers, synchronized swimmers, divers, acrobats and technicians from the aquatic and aerial-based production at Wynn Las Vegas combined their talents to create a video to the song in a way that only Las Vegas could pull off.

Video: The Cast of “Le Rêve” takes on Pharrell’s “Happy”


“We have such a talented and creative group at ‘Le Rêve, the second we heard the song we knew we had to do something unique,” said Rachael Simon, a synchronized swimmer for the show and originator of the idea. “The song makes you move and smile and we had such a blast creating the choreography to it.” The three-minute video takes viewers on a tour with the performers primping for the show before heading backstage and coming across some eccentric –and flexible– characters.

In addition, after recently celebrating 4,000 performances by allowing show-goers to take photos inside the theater during shows –a rare opportunity for a production show of its kind– “Le Rêve” is officially opening the theater for guests to take non-flash photos for all future shows.

”We’re proud of our show and there are so many awe-inspiring moments in the production that it’s almost a tease to not let our audiences take photos,” said Rick Gray, general manager of entertainment operations for Wynn and Encore Las Vegas. “The photos that people take themselves are the ones they are closest to and the ones they want to show to their friends and family. We like the idea of having thousands of amateur photographers in our theater every night helping to tell our story.”

Catch the cast of “Le Rêve – The Dream” in their regular gig at Wynn Las Vegas Friday through Tuesday at 7 and 9:30 p.m. Have a favorite part of the video? Tweet it at @lerevethedream.