Delivers NFL Super Bowl Odds as Las Vegas Sportsbooks Take Notice

NFL Super Bowl Odds
The playoff race is coming down to the wire this season, as it has so many times before, and football fans everywhere are holding their breath and crossing their fingers in hopes that their team will still have a shot at a trip to New York when the dust settles after Week 17 (Image courtesy of Wiki Commons/Moe Epsilon)

As announcements are made regarding injuries and results come in from each week’s action, the public perception of a team’s shot at going all the way shifts considerably. NFL Super Bowl odds with online sportsbooks, including US oddsmaker, have shifted to account for the new developments and will be watched closely by both online and brick & mortar books in town.

While Vegas is no doubt the premier place for sports bettors to physically go and place their futures bets, sometimes travel arrangements and circumstances don’t allow individuals to go and get the odds they want or need for their team, as they become available. This is where online sportsbooks can make a little ground, serving as a complement to provide bettors with a little leg room to hedge their “in-house” bets after they’ve departed town.

For instance, with the Packers in the race for top spot in the NFC North and the announcement that Aaron Rodgers would not be making his return for Week 16, the Packers’ Super Bowl odds no doubt had to be adjusted. If bettors were looking to capitalize on these longer odds in hopes of a bigger payout, they’d either have to have been close to a Vegas book at the time of the announcement, or else be at their computers and registered with an online account.

You can count on the fact that, after Week 16, NFL futures odds are going to be changing considerably as teams will clinch and others will be mathematically eliminated. If you’re hoping to hit that window between Week 16 and 17 — and a trip to Sin City isn’t in the works — you might have to resort to the web and check out what those books have to offer.