Sean E. Cooper Launches “The Coop Show” at Planet Hollywood’s Sin City Theatre Nov. 22

Sean E. Cooper
The Coop Show
 will open on November 22, 2013 at 5:30pm at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino’s Sin City Theatre. This riotous 60 minute show headlines the multi-talented Sean E. Cooper for the first time in his own show full of laughs and music that has audiences on their feet with standing ovations nightly. 

“The Voices Aren’t Just In His Head”, the tagline for the show, is truly its core which features not only Cooper, but dancers, a DJ as well as a wide array of clothing and hats – as voices and ideas speak to him he can immediately share that wild sense of humor and deep rooted love of singing and dancing with the audience. While you can expect Coop to take on some of his favorites like James Brown, Sammy Davis, Jr., Biggie Smalls and of course Michael Jackson; the rest of the show is a total stream of consciousness.

“I never really know where I’m going to take the show every night; it’s as big a mystery to me as it is to the audience”, said Sean E. Cooper. “I think that’s what keeps me energized is that while it’s fun for the audience — it’s really fun for me too.”

As the featured, and only male star of a cast of 12, of FANTASY at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, Sean E. Cooper has honed his comedic style and appeal to a wide audience to both fan and critical acclaim. Coop, as he’s affectionately called, came to the attention of Emmy Award winning and Executive Producer, John Padon; who together with Pete Housley also created the Award Winning four-year-old ‘Sin City Comedy & Burlesque’ show now also playing at Planet Hollywood’s Sin City Theatre. Padon booked Coop for numerous performances throughout 2012/2013; the resulting standing ovations from audiences of all ages lead Padon, Housley and Cooper to develop The Coop Show.

“Coop is an amazing all-around entertainer; seriously the guy can sing, he can dance, and he’s funny as hell”, said Padon, Executive Producer. “Early on I commented, ‘We’ve really gotta get this kid an act’, then realized that his wit and improvisational style made him an ideal headliner.”

Joining the show nightly is Penny Wiggins, well known as the show-stopping magic assistant and zany foil to The Amazing Johnathan, Psychic Tanya, is in actuality, a skilled comedienne with extensive experience in the theatre arts. Penny’s diverse experience in acting and comedy made her a perfect pairing to be the front person of The Coop Show nightly.

Sean E. Cooper is no stranger to performing; having come to Las Vegas originally as a dancer; Coop has been featured in many production shows; and found his niche.

“I’ve been truly blessed to be able to perform with some of the best of Las Vegas”, said Sean E. Cooper. “Fifteen years of ‘surprise there’s a guy in this all-girl topless show’ continues to be a strong part of my foundation as an entertainer — but I’m ready people… Ready to make you laugh, ready to make you sing and dance – ready to entertain you.”

The Coop Show is a hilarious, hand clapping, foot tapping, good time in the style of true Vegas’ headliners of legend like Sammy Davis, Jr and Danny Gans; and connects with audiences of many age groups. The 5:30pm show will premiere on November 22, 2013 and run indefinitely weekly at 5:30pm Friday through Monday (dark Tuesday-Thursday) at Planet Hollywood’s Sin City Theatre located on The Mezz.

Tickets are available at any Caesars Box Office, or online through Ticketmaster.