8th Annual Las Vegas Culture Fest has “Ribbons In The Sky” Visual for Victims of Philippine Typhoon Disaster Nov. 23-24

The 8th Annual Las Vegas Culture Fest is a cultural festival gathering of people representing diverse cultures and paying tribute to the victims of the Philippine typhoon who suffered because of a disaster that traumatized the nation. The event is free to the public.

The participants will include Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas Black Image Magazine’s publishers and Las Vegas Culture Fest founders Charles Tureaud and Kimberly Bailey Tureaud; Caesars Entertainment; Bob Bailey Middle School; United College Action Network; KCEP 88.1 FM; H&H Barbecue; T&T Cajun Shrimp; John Mull’s Barbecue; Stone’s Jamaican Food and Trans Teriyaki Chicken on the Stick.

The event will host 2 days of live entertainment. Entertainment headliners will perform each day at 6:15-9:00 pm:

  • Saturday: Rhythm Nation
  • Sunday: In-Effect.


Fremont Street Experience
Downtown Las Vegas at 3rd Street and Ogden
(in front of the D Hotel & Casino on the main Fremont Street Experience stage)


  • November 23-24, 2013
  • 11am through Midnight
  • “Ribbon in the Sky” tribute to the Philippines will take place each day from 4pm-4:30pm

The 8th Annual Las Vegas Culture Fest (the largest Las Vegas event in Nevada celebrating unity through diversity) holds a two day “Ribbons in the Sky” tribute to the victims of the Philippine typhoon disaster. The fest organizers are offering free vendor booth space to non-profits benefiting victims of the Philippine typhoon. For information on how to become a vendor, please call (702) 615-8216.