Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort Launches Complimentary Coaching Service for Skiers and Snowboarders for 2013/14 Season

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort
Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort
(LVSSR) has launched its complimentary coaching service where skiers and snowboarders can receive free instruction from Professional Ski Instructors of America/American Association of Snowboard Instructors trained instructors. 

Guests with day- or season-passes can “drop-in,” ask questions and receive feedback from staff whose goal is to ensure the guest has an ideal mountain experience. Reservations are not necessary, and there is no limit on the number of participants or the length of time that a person can participate.

“Our primary goal is to improve the overall snow experience of our guests,” said Dan Hooper, LVSSR’s director of skier/rider services. “For those who are new to skiing and snowboarding, it can often be intimating, and a formal lesson setting isn’t right for everyone. This service affords our guests complete flexibility in terms of when and how long to engage with an instructor, while moving at a pace that’s comfortable and fun for them in a very relaxed environment.”

To complement this service, LVSSR is redesigning the layout of the Rabbit Peak area to create beginner friendly terrain features that are fun and foster the development of skiing/riding skills. “We want to create an environment that has guests stoked from their first moment on the snow,” said Hooper. “We are moving and shaping snow and are creating other man-made features that are fun, beginner friendly and promote skill development. Most importantly, it makes the skiing/riding experience more fun for everyone.”

Las Vegas is known for being an international leader in high quality service for its guests, and LVSSR is fully committed to delivering cutting edge services and programs that meet the needs of its unique mix of its guests, both local residents and visitors.

“This is an innovative guest services program that’s a departure from the traditional ski school experience,” says Chris Lange, LVSSR’s newly appointed skier/rider development manager, who joined the LVSSR team earlier this month. Hooper and Lange designed this free service-based program, which is unique in the ski industry. “Las Vegas is a very unique market in terms of snow sports, and LVSSR’s vision and willingness to establish industry leading services like this is exactly what attracted me to be a part of this team.”

LVSSR is scheduled to open for the 2013/14 season on Friday, November 29, weather permitting. LVSSR also offers one-on-one private coaching sessions for all levels. These private coaching sessions range from one-hour to a full-day session and content covered is based on the guest’s goals.

LVSSR also offers many of its popular more traditional on snow programs, including the local’s favorite “Get Started.” Available for purchase now and priced at $199, adults interested in learning to ski or snowboard receive four group lessons, rental equipment and lift tickets. The program runs in January 2014 and those who graduate from the program are rewarded with an unrestricted 2013/14-season pass.

LVSSR also offers a range of youth specific programs including Snow-Kids , a full-day program and the Mountaineers/Freeride multi-weekend programs. For more information on LVSSR’s ski school programs or private coaching sessions, please visit