Meet the Las Vegas Wranglers as they SkyJump at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower Oct. 8

Travis Fullerton, Geoff Irwin, Cody Purves, Adam Huxley, Mike Baran, Brian Nugent
It may not be part of the official 2013 Las Vegas Wranglers training camp, but many of the hockey players are undergoing a test of courage this week. Today and Tuesday, October 8, 2013, several Wranglers are exchanging their hockey pads and gear for a jumpsuit as they experience SkyJump at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

SkyJump Video of Adam Huxley

SkyJump, the highest controlled descent in the world, offers willing participants an adrenaline-packed, 45-mile-an-hour drop from the 108th floor to the Las Vegas Strip.

SkyJump Video of Travis Fullerton

Among those scheduled to jump on Monday: Mike Baran, Adam Huxley, Geoff Irwin, Brian Nugent, Cody Purves and Travis Fullerton. Tuesday’s jump list includes: Bryan Doerrsam, Robbie Smith, Chad Nehring, Alex Mentick and staff member Jeff Maxwell. Additional players, still working up their courage, may also jump.

SkyJump Video of Brian Nugent

The public is invited to a special autograph session on Tuesday at Noon in the Stratosphere casino near the Sports Book. The Duke, the Wrangler’s mascot will also be at the autograph session.

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