Murray and Chloe to Host “Beggin’ For Magic” Show to Benefit ‘Friends For Life Humane Society’ August 14

Murray and Chloe with Abby on stage at The Tropicana
Tropicana headliners Murray and Chloe will be holding a charity show to benefit the Friends For Life Humane Society on August 14 in the The Laugh Factory at Tropicana Las Vegas. There will be a Red Carpet at 3pm followed by Showtime at 4pm. 

This special show will feature a wide variety of guest performers including: Rusty Hamilton (Harmonica), Nino Frediani (Juggler), Tim Molyneux (Vocalist), Chris Randall (Street Magician), Jenny Lynn (Violin), Douglas “Lefty” Leforvich (Card Act), Peter Pavone (Impersonator / Vocalist), Harry Basil (Prop Comedian), Skye Dee Miles (Vocalist), Gallagher (Comedian) and Paul Shortino (Rock n’ Roll Vocalist)!  And of course, Murray and Chloe!  Click here for tickets! 

“We are thrilled at the response from starting this Charity Show a few weeks ago,” said Murray. “EVERYONE one is jumping onboard to HELP and be apart of the show and cause… It’s gonna be the PLACE to be on August 14 at 4pm!”

Abby chillin’ in the greenroom backstage
Abby chillin’ in the greenroom backstage

Murray continued, “Abby, our rescued Chihuahua/Papillon mix from ‘Friends For Life Humane Society’ is doing so great in her new surroundings and home! She has been on stage and on her first TV show! It’s amazing how ONE DOG can make so much change and help so many others. She’s very special to Chloe and I and fits right into our family like she has always been here!”

“Also at the show will be a raffle for 2-3 different baskets full of exciting things to take home,” added Murray. “And there is a well known painter in town creating an original painting to be ‘auctioned’ off at the event. You will have to wait to see who it is and what it is at the event!”

Murray and Chloe Adopt and Rescue ‘Abby’ the Long Hair Chihuahua
Murray and Chloe adopted and rescued ‘Abby’ the Long Hair Chihuahua

“This even is not only a charity for saving our furry friends,” Murray explained. But it once again in my opinion another chance for the Las Vegas Strip Stars to come together,  just like what Andy Walmsley is trying to do with the Roast’s and Zowie Bowie and his Big Band nights at Bally’s — creating an old school vibe of entertainers hangin’ in one room just jammin’ at what they are good at for a CAUSE! 

Murray explains how he and Chloe got involved with Friends for Life:

“We have always helped charities but this is the FIRST time we have ever FRONTED a charity and taken on the spokesperson position because we wanted to help make a positive impact. Chloe and I are spokespersons for this charity quite simply because we rescued a puppy from the Society and learned that they are privately funded and have NEVER had anyone represent them or give them any notoriety. I was so touched by what they did… not only how they saved the dog’s lives.”

“The two main guys that work for them, Ron and Robert, were homeless five years ago and close to death themselves. They went to church where they met the owner of the land and the small shelter in Pahrump, NV. He offered to take them off the streets if they would take care of the dogs needing help. In turn, he would provide food for them daily.”

“They lived in a trailer for a few years, cleaned up the 35 acres, and now five years later – have a beautiful shelter, a house they live in, and wages and have found many great homes for the rescued dogs. They have been off the streets and clean for five years while saving dogs that are in the same situation they were in. Ironically they were saving each other.”

Chloe and I were so touched that we wanted to find a way to help. So all the profits for my show on August 14, 2013 are going to the shelter to help them continue to help both animals and people. There are no comps for this show as I really want people to know about Friends For Life Humane Society and give them a PUSH so that people become aware of this shelter and choose to adopt dogs there and save them.

Murray and Chloe to Host “Beggin’ For Magic” Show to Benefit 'Friends For Life Humane Society' August 14
Murray and Chloe to Host “Beggin’ For Magic” Show to Benefit
‘Friends For Life Humane Society’ August 14

Murray SawChuckComedy Magician Murray SawChuck stars in The Laugh Factory Presents: ‘MURRAY Celebrity Magician’ along with wife Chloe Louise Crawford and sidekick Doug “Lefty” Leferovich at The Tropicana Las Vegas. Murray, an America’s Got Talent semifinalist and “Pawn Stars” resident magic expert, entertains audiences Sunday through Thursday at 4pm. Click here for tickets! Visit Murray’s home page or follow on Facebook and Twitter.