Staying Safe in Vegas

Staying Safe in Vegas
It’s renowned as being the “entertainment capital of the world,” an over-the-top playground designed to stimulate your senses (Photo credit: Werner Kunz / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA).

When you visit Vegas, rest assured that, despite its reputation, it is well-policed and reasonably safe. However, as when you visit to any big city, it’s important to use safe travel practices. Here are some tips for staying safe during any upcoming city breaks to Las Vegas.

Avoid Flashing Cash and Leave Valuables at Home

Nothing draws attention like a bit of bling and a wad of dollar bills. It may be tempting to dress up to the nines and fit in with the glamour and wealth that some parts of Vegas attracts, but it’s smarter to leave the valuables at home. Inconspicuous and more casual attire will avoid unwanted attention, in the clubs and in the street. Losing your one diamond necklace would be a quick way to put a damper on a great night out. Also, remain aware of where your wallet is the whole time, and watch your chips and your money very carefully. Leaving them sitting in your lap is not a good idea.

Walk in a Group

In any unfamiliar city, avoid walking alone at night. When possible, catch a cab back to your hotel instead. A few dollars is a fraction of the price of your safety. If you do have to walk alone for any reason, stick to well-lit and well-populated areas. If you can, tack on to a group of people who are heading in the same direction.

Practice Pedestrian Safety

The traffic in and around the main strip is crazy, and it can be a disaster when combined with hundreds of intoxicated party-goers. Last year, Las Vegas had a record number of crashes involving pedestrians, largely due to a combination of alcohol and carelessness on both sides. Be sensible; cross the road at designated pedestrian crossings and remain cognizant of traffic at all times. If you do happen to overindulge, stay in the bars and casinos until you sober up a bit. Keep your partying off the street.

Keep a Spare ID Around

Have a spare ID and some extra cash safety stowed in your hotel in case of the (unlikely) event that your wallet is lost or stolen. It’s easy enough to put a block on your credit cards, but may be hard to track down a INSERT ment card in the wee hours of the night — and Vegas doesn’t run for free. Many places will not let you in without an ID, and it can be hard to quickly get a INSERT ment ID. You don’t want to ruin your holiday in the first night by losing your only ID.

Research Your Accommodation Thoroughly

Do some research about your hotel’s location. It may cost less to stay outside of the centre, but you don’t want to have to walk down dimly lit alleys early in the morning. A closer hotel may save you in taxi fares as well as being a safer and more convenient option. Check out previous reviews of your hotel online.

Don’t Overindulge

Just like at any bar or nightclub back home in the U.K., don’t leave your drink unattended. Keep it close to you the whole time and avoid accepting drinks from strangers unless you watch them being made at the bar. Realistically speaking, the best way to stay safe is to remain sober. If you’re drinking to the point that you are incoherent, you’re asking for trouble. Pace yourself, and keep your water intake up. You can’t consider it a great holiday if you don’t remember any of it!

About the Author: Christy Hemsworth is a blogger from London and a self-confessed party girl. Vegas is her favourite city to party in.